2016 Grantee: Rolling Fork Visitors Center & Museum

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Grantee Orientation Meeting

(L-R) MDNHA grants committee chair Kim Terrell and MDNHA board chair Dr. Myrtis Tabb award the grant to Rolling Fork [NAMES], with MDNHA executive director Dr. Rolando Herts.


GRANT PROJECT: “Rolling fork Visitors center & Museum“

Grant funds supported installation of a multimedia system which allows visitors to experience the sights and sounds of the Delta region both inside and outside of the building. With the addition of two lighted display cases, visitors are able to see one of Muddy Waters’ guitars along with a one-of-a-kind album featuring Muddy Waters and the Rolling Stones.



Artifacts of local history and importance are now able to be displayed, such as arrowheads and pottery related to local Native American mounds. Also featured are a collection of personal items and historical pieces from Mont Helena, and a diorama of the Steele Bayou expedition of the Civil War.



The grant also provided funds for various interpretive panels, item tags, display stands, and pedestals for statues such as this one of Holt Collier, a prominent person in the creation of the Teddy Bear.


ABout the Grantee

The mission of the Rolling Fork Visitors Center and Museum is to promote the cultural, historical, and artistic tourism of the Lower Mississippi Delta region by engaging visitors through a multi-sensory availability of artifacts, historical objects, and collections that showcase the rich heritage and history of life in the Mississippi Delta.

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