2017 Grantee: Dockery Farms Foundation

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Grant Project: “Cotton Gin Restoration“

The Dockery Farms Foundation received a $24,059.95 grant to restore the historic cotton gin on Dockery Farms so that it can be used for tours, interpretive displays and other educational activities.


Grant experience

The gin is now open 8 AM-5 PM, M-F for self-guided tours. Visitors can also watch a short film featuring the history of cotton production, and former Dockery residents sharing their memories of life on the farm.

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Grant significance

The gin formed the economic heart of the Mississippi Delta plantation that was home to a group of pioneering blues musicians including Charley Patton, Howlin’ Wolf, Son House, Pops Staples, and many others.


Grant Impact

Every year thousands of visitors come to Dockery Farms from all over the world to experience this history. Keeping this site as authentic as possible and accessible to the public has always been paramount to the organization, and many supporters have made the work possible.


About the Grantee

Our mission is to preserve and to develop Dockery Farms for educational purposes and the public interest in music, agriculture, and the history of the Mississippi Delta.

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