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Welcome , Overview of MDNHA & Review of Grant Regulations

Review of Grant Application Form

Conflict of Interest

Conflict of Interest

The below clause is included in all contracts signed by grant recipients. Before applying for an MDNHA grant, please ensure that your agency will be able to abide by this requirement.

Conflict of Interest. Subcontractor hereby certifies that it is in compliance with applicable federal and state Conflict of Interest Regulations.

Subcontractor certifies that this Subcontract will not result in pecuniary benefit to any employee of MDNHAP or employee of Fiscal Agent involved with the administration or the decision to award this contract (“Employee”), will not result in pecuniary benefit to Employee’s relatives, and will not result in pecuniary benefit to any business with which Employee is associated.

Application Material

Tell me about the MDNHA Grants program

The MDNHA grants program issues medium-sized grants to organizations that do projects around five themes: The River and The Land, The Blues, Freedom, Creativity Beyond Cotton, and Diverse Communities.  Successful projects address one or more of four main goals:

  1. Perpetuate the unique culture of the Mississippi Delta through engagement of the people who live here to preserve, celebrate, and share the places and stories of the region;

  2. Save historic and natural resources by raising awareness of the threat of their loss, providing recognition for saving places and directing resources to training, education, and preservation.

  3. Build a heritage area-wide network of partners by providing opportunities for engagement in a variety of roles;

  4. Contribute to sustainable economic development through activities that will strengthen local and regional economies.

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