The Management Plan

After receiving designation, all National Heritage Areas are required to develop a management plan. The Management Plan guides the activities of the National Heritage Area for 10-15 years. The plan describes comprehensive policies, goals, strategies and recommendations for telling the story of the heritage of the region and encouraging long-term resource protection, enhancement, interpretation, funding, management and development of the National Heritage Area. It also serves as an agreement among all partners – governments, nonprofit organizations, residents, donors and others as well as the National Park Service.

What is included in the plan?

The management plan includeS a number of sections:

  • Historical Context – An overview of the history of the Mississippi Delta and a summary of existing plans and policies that coordinate with and contribute to plans for the National Heritage Area.
  • Foundation Statement – The vision, mission and purpose of the National Heritage Area are stated as well as a statement of the area’s national significance.
  • Themes – Major themes and sub-themes that tell the story of the Mississippi Delta. The themes will be the basis for the National Heritage Area’s goals, strategies and activities.
  • Inventory – An inventory of the historic, cultural and natural resources related to the themes identified for the National Heritage Area.
  • Strategies – Activities the National Heritage Area will undertake to tell the story of the Mississippi Delta and to work with partners to preserve and manage cultural, historic and natural resources in order to cultivate balanced and sustainable economic development.
  • Implementation Plan – Strategies will be categorized in development phases. The plan will include identification of partner commitments and an evaluation process to track progress and accomplishments.
  • Business Plan – A description of the management structure and financial plan for the local management organization, strategies for funding the National Heritage Area’s activities and an outline of partnerships and responsibilities for management and financing the National Heritage Area.
  • Research Summaries – Summaries from research that contributed to the plan’s development including public meetings, interviews, site visits, surveys, document review, etc.