The dark water and rich soils of the Delta grew more than cotton. Inspiration and creativity in all its forms abound in the region. The multitude of books, poems, plays and films that have emerged from the creative ranks of the Delta demonstrate how the region has reflected elements of—and has influenced—American society from the 19th century to today. Famous authors such as Tennessee Williams, William Alexander Percy, and Richard Wright are among the dozens of people who have lived in or written about the Delta.

Music is another expression of the artistry that thrives in the Delta. The Blues were born here and rock-n-roll emerged from the Blues. Famous artists in many genres come from the region. In addition to hundreds of Bluesmen, Ike Turner influenced rock-n-roll, Conway Twitty and Charley Pride helped shape country music, and gospel thrives in churches across the Delta.

Creativity is found in many Delta endeavors, including the arts, food, business and religion. From Marshall Bouldin's portraits to Sammy Britt's landscapes to the Tutwiler quilters and a host of pottery guilds, the work of artists colors the Delta and reaches well beyond it. Local restaurants remain an important fabric of communities. From folks traditions with ties to Africa and the Caribbean, to Jewish, Catholic and Protestant denominations, expressions of faith contribute to the Delta's creative cultural mosaic.